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  1. JiangSu HuaYi Group
    Huayi Garment

      Huayi Garment features as dyeing and finishing technologies. It carries out OEM, ODM, and OBM coupled strategies. Outstanding price, quality, and delivery time are three factors. The company takes service, flexibility and innovation system construction seriously. We strive to establish process management, performance management and enterprise standard management system based on intelligent and automatic production equipment and perfect information management system. We'll create more values for clients by diversified and professional one-stop service platform.

    Huayi Knitting Business Division

      The division was established and put into operation in September 2003. It is a large knitted garment enterprise in the central section area of Jiangsu Province. The division has modern factory covering 9,000 sq. m. There are many advanced devices such as automatic production line of Canada, automatic cutting bed, and 280 sets of advanced knitting and sewing equipment. The annual output of knitted garment is more than 1.5 million pieces.

      The division owns excellent production, management and technical talents, strict quality control system. It mainly engages in manufacturing and marketing knitted T-shirts, sportswear, casual wear, children's wear, and other high-grade garments, which are exported to Britain, French, Germany, America, Canada, and Japan. We are excellent supplier for SABA, RAPIDO, BASIC HOUSE, EXCEPTION de MIXMIND, Broadcast, CRZ, JNBY, OTT, etc.

    General Manager: Wang Chengjun 
    Mobile: +86-13511577968
    Tel: +86-513-88869858
    Fax: +86-513-88869845
    Add: 88-1, West Changjiang Road, Hai'an County, Jiangsu, China P. C.: 226600
    E-mail: wcj@huayizharan.com

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    WeChat Platform

    Website link:professional website | Huayi Ali CTP | 1984 Library Mailbox | 【Admin】